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Integrate Sage 100 with Applications, EDI, Web Portals and Devices

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Automatically sync other applications with Sage 100 from anywhere.


Eliminate double entry of Sage 100 transactions and save time.


Remove data entry mistakes casued by manual entry.


Work with the Leaders in Sage Integration and get quickly to deployment.




Sage 100 Integration Management

A single source for all your Sage 100 integrations.  Connect The Dots with TEKOA and seamlessly integrate Sage 100 with other applications used to run your business.  Schedule integration events or launch on demand easily manage bridges between the tools that run your business and Sage 100.

TEKOA software is the leader in Sage 100 Integrations.  Our team of experts work with you to ensure your solution is complete and efficient.  Using state of the art technology not available to other integrators, TEKOA is the Sage 100 Integration leader for Today's Enterprise.


Cloud or On-Prem Sage 100 Integration

Leverage the Cloud to integrate Sage 100 with other sources and applications from anywhere over the internet.  Using TEKOA's unique REST API for Sage 100, Get Sage 100 Data and Post Sage 100 Transactions from other applications located virtually anywhere using commonly known and understood secured and encrypted REST API web technology.

Alternately, run Sage 100 Integrations locally between applications on the same network.  Exchange many different file types including, CSV, XML and JSON and connect Sage 100 seamlessly.  Customize your integration with data translations that make dissimilar data values match Sage 100 requirements.



 Sage 100 Integration


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